I met my German husband ten years ago when I started learning what Mark Twain calls: “the awful German language“. German may sound awful to most people but it’s actually a very clever language and once you start, you end up kind of liking it. Or like me, you end up loving it!

After my 10 years of love-story with a German and my 3 years living in Munich, I believe that I understand Germans well enough to dedicate this part of my blog to them.

If you are German and living in the San Francisco Bay area, thanks for stopping by and don’t be shy, drop me a line and share with me other stores, shops and events that you think Germans would like to know about.


  • In Mountain View: Dittmer’s: a butcher shop that has been in operation for over 30 years and that has a nice selection of German meat and sausages (including Leberkäse and Weißwurst) and other imported German products, such as Löwensenf.
  • For German bread (including real Pretzels) and pastries: Esther’s bakery in Los Altos.
  • Gourmet Haus Staudt is a grocery store specializing in German food items, a Biergarten and a pub. Their German beer selection is even more impressive than the one in BevMov (according to my German husband who is a beer lover).
  • An online store selling over 5,000 German food items: German Deli.


Screen Shot of The Week in Germany newsletter by germany.info
Screen Shot of The Week in Germany newsletter by germany.info


The German international school of Mountain View  organizes a Weihnachtsmarkt (open air traditional German Christmas market) on Saturday 14th of December.


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