From Madrid to Munich and now to San Francisco

LolaMy name is Elena, this is “Lola” (my bike) and this is my Blog: a European in San FranciscoA blog about my personal experience: living, working and discovering San Francisco from a European’s perspective: My perspective.

About me in short: born in Madrid, became an expat for the first time with 23 when my first job took me to Belgium. Ten years and a few countries later, I moved to Munich following my German husband.

In 2011 I started blogging about the life of an expat amongst Germans. It turned out that people liked my little blog and thanks to them, it became one of the leading sites for the expat community in Munich.

Go check it out if you are curious: My Adventures in Munich.

Now that I am moving again “A European in San Francisco” is my new blog that I start with the intention of discovering this exciting city and finding answers to usual and practical questions that I have as an expat living in Northern California.

You need to know that I have never been to San Francisco. I have traveled intensively all my life but mostly within Europe and lately also to Australia. However not to San Francisco. My only preconceived idea of the city is a mixed between the Hitchcock’s thriller: Vertigo and the 90’s TV serie: Charmed. The rest I will have to discover on my own and I think it’s going to be fun.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I do writing it!

Have you recently moved to the US from Europe?


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